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Depression and Mental Problems

We have received a plenty of number of mothers who requested for a consultancy, but they have been suffering from depression during the pregnancy and after that for a long time. Researches and statistics shows that simple access to a consultant could help them to cope with this problem before even it was showing up.

Couple Therapy

A numerous of complaints are related to the couples who have not had any problems from the beginning, but the problems starts in first 5 years of their marriage, if they can simply access a consultant, they would heal any little injuries that might turn to a permanent mental impairment very soon.


Often, We can see the parents who are complaining about their children behaviours. These families often do not pay attention to any probable outcome of the family unstable environment, and only keep getting along with their children. But they never consider any single friction now, can cause a very unpleasant situation in the future.

Education and work related problems

Employee dissatisfaction is the true cause of wide variety of mental illness. Pressure to cover the life expenses and pressure for unpleasant work environment substantially decreases the employee’s performance and worse than that can cause the life time mental damages.

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